Cool hairstyles for boys

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Teenager’s hairstyles, and it doesn’t matter either a girlish or a boyish one, prone to fashion no less than the female or male hairdo.

We are always come to thinking what sort of hairstyle to choose to be suitable for a head shape, some natural features of hair, in other words, something to be both usable and trendy.

Before making the final choice of hairstyle, you should consider the following list:

  1. A hairstyle can be both simple and extraordinary. Try dyed locks, the Mohawk and different patterns if you want something to stand out and express yourself.
  2. First of all, you should feel comfortable in spite of your hair – so if you a driver, it’s better your bangs won’t overhang an eye.
  3. Choosing a hairdo, consider the form of your head, some features of your face and etc. For example, if you have a high forehead, a haircut with a bang will suit you best, or if you have very beautiful thick or curly hair, but your ears don’t want to lie on «their place», haircuts with open ears are just not for you.

So let’s go through the list of the most fashionable hairstyles for boys in 2013 which are also cool hairstyles for school and mark the latest trends.

  • A simple short hair – is the most common classic hairstyle for boys. It looks very neat and will suit almost any boy. It is easy to care for and there is no need of styling. But for some special occasions you can do next: if you have bangs, by using the gel pull forward the bangs and make hair slightly disheveled. If cutting is done with shorter locks at the nape and temples, the hair on the crown can be formed into the Mohawk.
  • A pop-star style – is popular with the boys who like a bit more length all round. This hairstyle suits best boys with thick bulky locks – in this way the shape of hairdo is kept well. But pop-star style also looks nice with wavy or curly hair.
  • Spiky haircut – is a colorful mess on a head. It’s very easy to form. This hairstyle fits short and medium length hair. And you can arrange as you like – it will look fashionable and stylish in any case. But you can hardly do the same with curly hair.
  • Messy haircut – this is without doubt cool hairstyle for boys with thick hair. It’s straight-out-of-bed hairstyle looks simple, low-maintenance.



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