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Today’s article is about emo hairstyles for guys. Emo style is treated differently by different people. However, hardly anyone can deny that this style is a sign of originality.

Most of such hairstyles are made on long hair. So emo hairstyles for short hair are often even more extraordinary.

There is such element of these hairstyles as shaven temples. The shortest hairs on the temples are often dyed. Colors are different – yellow, green, red… They can even make a picture on the guy’s head.

Most short emo hairstyles are skew. It may be a one-long-temple hairstyle when temple hair is dyed blue or other color, while the other temple is shaven. Other areas are usually black. Actually black is a basic color of different emostyles. And still it doesn’t lose its originality and mysteriousness.

There are many ideas of the slanting bang. It is also a sort of tradition of emo style. The bang can be left- or right-slanted. It is usually black and has a couple of light ot bright locks. However, there are emo guys who prefer natural colors. Their skew hairstyles with slanting bang are sometimes no less interesting and original.

The slanting bang may be completed with the sticking back-of-head-hair. They can form a spike or make softer lines. In any case such back of head attracts attention of surrounding people.

Let’s continue talking about spikes. Such element of hairstyle rather belongs to punk subculrure, but emo guys may use the idea and complete it with traditional bright coloring. By the way, spikes are often combined with shaven temples or back of head.

These are concrete ideas of short emo hairstyles for guys. Don’t remember that you can use them, wake up your fantasy and make a new creative emo hairstyle.

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Emo hairstyles


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