Emo hairstyles for men

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They say fashion changes daily. It seems to be completely right. So, emo hairstyles for men are becoming more or less popular from time to time. Some people make themselves look like a real emo to show off, some are just drifting along and others are listening to their heart. Whatever the case, emo hairstyles always give extraordinarity to the common human look. One of the features of such hairstyles is black hair with one or several light locks.

Some hairstyles contain three or more colors, for instance, dark red, purple or blue. Let’s give a look on a couple of emoboys’ hairstyles.

There is a plenty of emo haircuts for medium and short hair, but it would be better if you preferred waiting until your hair grew significantly.

This hairstyle is ideal for hair growing down until your chin or, at least, you nose. This variation is unisex.

Take short locks and backcomb them. Then fix the locks with a good hairspray. So you need to make the locks stick out in different directions. Hair gel also may be useful, being placed at the back of the head. Use invisible hairpins in order to extend durability of your hairstyle.

Emo hairstyles for men

Professionals can create emo hairslyles containing two or three of different length-hair. The nape of the neck can be shaved in some areas with a special razor that makes hair look more prickly. Front hair should be longer than back hair. Asymmetrical locks around the face look really fantastic.

Skew fringe is often considered to be the main sign of emo hairstyle. It looks gorgeous with shaved areas on the back of the head.

Cool emo hairstyles for men

Some elder people say all emos are alike and their “hairbuds” are similar as well. Surely, they are wrong. More fantasy – and hands of either a professional hair expert or your roommate will transform your head into a piece of modern art.