Long hairstyles for boys

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This article is dedicated to atypical hairstyles for boys with long hair. It is likely that being a parent is not an easy thing at all. Moreover, public opinion is more or less loyal to girls while boys are often strongly controlled. There are lots of superstitions and stereotypes about boys and the way they need to look. For example, many people guess that boys must have short haircuts. So parents of long-hair boys are commonly under pressure. It is not necessary to be afraid of society. Original long hairstyles for boys are described in this article.

Don’t bother about comfort of the boys – long hairstyles are often very convenient. One of such variants is neck-long hairstyle with no bang. The boy may let his hair down, comb it to the back of head and put on a cap above. Or he can make a hairtail, for instance, for sport activities. This hairstyle is especially great for light hair and makes the boy look like an angel.
Long hairstyles for boys with curly hairlocks are extremely delighting. The best length of such hair type is from medium to neck-long. As for bangs, they can be slanting, especially for oval face. It is better not to make straight fringe as the care of it is difficult. However, this idea is good for square face. It is recommended to let the boy’s hair down.

If the fringe is long, there is a lot of great opportunities to experiment with it. For example, skew fringe can be transformed to a spike. By the way, such hairstyles for boys with long hair are often made with the use of shading method:
Punk boyVery long fringe looks attractive with its asymmetric forms. It can be brushed ahead of the forehead:
Long hairstyles for boys photo - 2
Some interesting ideas for boys – long hairstyles with no fringe or slanting bang – were suggested in today’s article. They are unusual and this hardly ever makes them look worse than standard hairstyles. Try and win! Be original.


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